Zombie post

I don’t know what has gotten over me to make “Waking up early” one of my resolutions for 2012. Only a few days ago, it seemed like a pretty good and healthy idea, but it really seem pretty dumb now. I did get out of bed approximately 2hours earlier to be precise, however instead of feeling energetic and all, I am so physically and mentally drained not to mention zombiefied when the clock strikes 11pm (not even 12 midnight,  I used to wake up at 11am and I turn in at 3am, staying up was easy peasy…. ) it’s so hard to peel my eyelids open to look like I’m listening to my girlies’ conversation and I was literally sleep walking home from the train station just now! I don’t even know if I am typing this post with a sensible mind since my brain is threatening to shut down like how my blackberry did moments ago. With this I shall end here and go to bed…goodnight folks!


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