Let’s Hit It!!!

I’ve been hitting the piano for weeks whenever I pop by my parent’s house for meals in hope of playing Adele’s “Someone like you” or “Turning Tables”, I tried to find free piano scores but those websites charge for it and since I haven’t bought scores online before, I decided not to (I’m glad I did not) and try decipher the notes by listening to the songs. Well, I could only manage to get the prelude right and I blame it on myself for giving up piano and not practicing hard enough when I was still having piano lessons.  My cousin always reminded me that I used to throw tantrums and roll on the floor at my piano teacher’s house…how funny and embarrassing, okay, I think I was only 5 or 6 years old then.

Anyway, so I was elated today when I found a youtube tutorial on the song!!!! Woots!!! And it was a damn good version, somewhat original, and I decided to stream it on the Ipad (finally I found a good purpose of the ipad other than using the safari) while I try playing it. Yay! It’s such a fulfilling day and I hope I’ll be able to perfect the song really soon!!! Can’t wait … keeping my fingers crossed!

For those who wants to learn to play it too… here’s the tutorial! I think it’s pretty idiot proof, so good luck folks!


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