I <3 U!!!

I am really blessed to have a sissy like you!!! Awwwwww…… Yes! I said it ­čÖé We do complete each other, though 7 years apart, we are closer than ever! I love sharing my secrets with you and I like it that we can watch dramas we love together, sometimes even though we are just sitting around doing our own stuff, it’s good to know that you are there, and of course we make the best travelling companions (looking forward to conquering the whole world with you…when are we buying our world map?!)! Am I getting mushy??? Alright I shall stop gushing…but I do mean it…touched???

Sisterly ÔŁĄ by my sissy….xxx


Good Morning Mel!!!

So now that I made it a point to wake up earlier, I still seriously not know what to do… I am so bored… seriously I’m thinking that this resolution is the most retarded one amongst my list. It’s only day 5 of the New Year and I am thinking of giving up??? Anyhow, since I’m already awake, I thought I might as well just post some youtube vids my sissy shared with me (totally random)┬áto kickstart the day!

My Favourite Song right now!!!!! I can play it on loop…


These guys are just so spontaneous and I love it! How can you not love SPAM after watching this?

Another one from my favourite youtube star, Victor Kim…. Simply the most awesome and haunting version of Adele’s “Someone Like You”.

I’m┬ámesmerized….sold…weak in my knees….

The last one is super hilarious! You have to give it to the Japanese when it comes to pranking, maybe they should do a ladies version…hahaha

Hope you have had a good laugh!!!


“Blogshops murder designs and rob the opportunities for women to experience good quality and REAL clothing.” You can quote me for saying that.

No Monkey Business

Disclaimer: This incident was a real life incident which happened many years back, and no monkey was harmed.

It was a trip to Bali many years ago and we happened to be visiting Ubud Monkey Forest, where monkeys roamed the city and had an empire. The monkeys waited to be fed, so I, a cheeky girl then, was with my cousin and I whispered to her ear,” What do you think the monkey will do if I feed it with a strong mint mentos?”┬á My kind-hearted cousin said softy, ” Huh…I don’t think it would be a good idea.”

I popped one mentos out from the stick and passed it to the monkey infront of me which had both his arms stretched out. He put it in his mouth….chewed…… with two little girls standing and staring…..

Suddenly, he screeched and stretched both hands upwards and jumped towards us!!! I swear he was taller than us and he looked angst and wants revenge. It scared the shit out of us and we shouted for help. My uncle came to our rescue, he scolded the monkey, and the monkey eventually left…

Moral of the story:

Treat the monkey to a mentos only if you are taller than the monkey….I was just kidding about that part… but the real moral of the story is No Monkey Business…. ­čÖé

Eyes to my soul…..

Every girl deserves to be pretty. Although I am quite a tomboy, am never sweet kind of girl, I sometimes like to dress up and be elegant = well-mannered (which I admit that I gotta try so hard at it). Well most of it has to do with etiquette, but that’s another post sometime in the future, that is if I do get the hang of it. But for now, I shall write about another “invention” (not new at all) which allows women to become prettier……

People say ” the eye is the key to the soul”, and this I say it’s so true. When I asked Mr Tay which part of the face is he attracted to, and his first answer would be ┬ámy eyes, and it’s the same for me. I can’t forget the dinner we had when we met on our second date, all I could do was to gaze into his eyes (which sparkled) when he talked and remembered only his beautiful eyes at the end of the night and not the conversation, firstly because he mumbles and I can’t hear a thing, secondly I didn’t try hard enough to hear as I was already ┬ámesmerized┬áby his eyes.

Enough said, anyway I’ve heard of lash┬áextensions eons ago, my friends did it and they go for touch ups religiously, but I was not convinced, I was always happy with my lashes, they are not the longest, but they are long enough and dense enough for me…until I met my┬ábatch-girl recently, she looked amazing, not that she looked less amazing before, she always look gorgeous by the way, however the extensions looked so good on her, that I told myself “hack, I’ve gotta give it a go!”

So today I went to Far East Plaza, the “Extensions Haven” for my extensions…

Ans I am a convert….I am so hooked…..

Before…. with the help of some eyeliner and foundation….

Close up, also before and with eyeliner…

After… after a shower and without make-up… (bad quality taken by my BB)

Close up… After and without any make-up

As much as I envy those who does little effort in looking good but still look good, I am happy to say that those not born with it, fret not! Cause we have extensions! (Sound a little bimbotic for me to say this, but I say it from my heart…)



Singapore Radio Awards 2010

A month ago, I received a phone call from Karen and she mentioned that she’s looking for sponsors for the Singapore Radio Awards 2010. Later I received a list of DJs who need to be dressed and selected 4 . They are Desiree Lai (98.7fm), Mary Bukoh (yes93.3), Melanie Olivero (93.8live) and Michelle Martin (93.8live).

They came to my studio to select their dresses and I had a great time at the fittings. We manage to select the dresses that fit their personality in quite a short time, and during this time, they are all super friendly and we had great time chatting!

I sneaked out during my medical leave for the awards show on the 17th Mar.

With my sis, cam-whoring while waiting for the show to start

The 93.8 Live crew, both Melanie Olivero and Michelle Martin wearing Caramel & Co. dresses!

98.7fm DJs, Desiree Lai is the one in RED!!

The show was pretty entertaining, being hosted by Muttons to Midnight, you can imagine how funny the show was! Justin Ang came out in a full wedding gown, completed with a veil and Vernon in a white tux! Shan was dressed up as the Mad Hatter from Alice in the Wonderland, which he later claimed that it was actually a St. Patrick suit. Among the special guests, the one that had the most girls screaming at was Jason Castro from American Idol Season 7! He’s really cute! Especially those eyes…

Managed to catch the DJs I’ve dressed execpt Michelle Martin ­čśŽ

With Desiree Lai… She’s sooooo HOT!!

Desiree has the best figure!!! Makes all the girls jealous!!! Envy Envy!!!

Managed to catch Melanie before she indulge on her food =) She has such lovely features and she looks like a doll!

Mary Bukoh, looked forever young and she has a sweet personality!

Since I couldn’t catch Michelle Martin, I’ll just post a picture of the dress she wore, it’s from my latest collection. Anyway She looked really like a Greek Goddess in this number!

Overall the show went well, however, there are some stuff to improve, especially on the logistics- please don’t make your audience wait at the carpark, at least house them in a waiting room with air-con and seats. Oh heck, my sis and I had a fun time spotting fashion disasters while queing in the carpark…=P

p/s: Do not ever wear a white cotton leggings under a dress…

What a let-down : A Blah Fashion Show!


Last night’s fashion show, Blue Print) was all yawns! I was extremely disappointed as I was expecting a dynamic show, something that can “WOW” me. Instead what greeted me was a black, black and more black…I got really bored. The next local designer was supposed to be more interesting and I adore her, simply because her work is quirky and colourful and I was whispering to Ian, who was sitting beside me that the next show would be better. BUT it was NOT! And the applause became softer and softer… I wanted to just go home and sleep!

Next it was a live auction for the 10 little red dresses designed by Asian designers for the “Go Red for Women” campaign and I was hoping that it’ll be worth watching, well I can sum up the dresses with these :ill-fitting (excessive creases), sloppy (looks like last minute work from school projects), cheap (considering the price you pay for these dresses when you can easily get something similar from Far East Plaza or Bugis Village for maybe less then 10% of the starting bid of $500) and bland. The bidding seemed like a flop to me, bidders are friends of the host, and from my point of view does not seem eager to bid. Most of the audiences left, my friends and I couldn’t bare to watch further and decided to leave.

My Thoughts:

What has the local fashion scene become? Why are local fashion designers so commercialised that their works had turned dowdy? Aren’t they supposed to be showing their best in a fashion show?! Why aren’t they doing so?! Have they lost their touch? Have they stopped believing they could do better?

I feel sad at the end of questioning myself.

To me, the runway is the place to showcase creations that excites the audience, leaving them wanting more and “enticing” them to your label, so only the best pieces deserves to be on the catwalk! Moreover, this chance of doing a fashion show in Audi Fashion Festival is hard to come by and all the more one should then showcase their best and nothing less! This time I did not think they did their best and I am keeping my fingers crossed that more talented local designers will get the chance to show the world what they can do! And to my fellow Singaporeans, for goodness sake be more supportive of your own local talents, don’t let their talent and inspirations die because they don’t see support coming from you.

*p/s: I am not being mean by being so critical, trust me, it was bad, even Ian complained that the music was better than the show, which I totally agreed!