It was just moments ago…

Just as I was about to back up my Mac book pro, I came across some old photos from my hard disk! Thought I might as well share it with you… These are the Pre-wedding shots taken some time back, those shot in the gowns and suits are taken by Leslie, as his portfolio and taken way back before Mr Tay even proposed! But I really liked the photos… the emotions are very nicely captured!


And these are our actual pre-wedding shots, we didn’t want to take the usual in the gown kinda photoshoot so we opted for something fun and candid! My friend, Monica Eng, a veteran in the industry took these photos and I loved them lots!!! I did some colour enhancement on some photos just for fun though… Looking back at the photos makes me happy!ImageImageImageImageImage



Don’t you think they are just so cute? Hugest grin on my face right now!


Cheapskate OR not !

Definition from the dictionary: Noun1.cheapskate – a miserly person

miser – a stingy hoarder of money and possessions (often living miserably)
Singaporeans are cheapskate by nature, and by that, I am saying that they are misers who can well afford yet stinge on things that are of value. I think many Singaporeans have a misconception of value, and therefore, they tend to scrimp and save on the wrong things, also spending on the wrong things as well.
Most Singaporeans owns at the very least a branded bag (LV, Gucci, Chanel), that’s not wrong, they are just pampering themselves with a luxury item, for some, it might just be something from their regular retail therapy, to some, it’s a present to mark a special occasion. So the intrinsic value of such product is defined by the meaning it brings to the consumer, in simpler terms, an item is worth it’s price if it is meaningful to the person who bought it, and it will be “expensive” no matter how cheap it cost, if it is not purposeful to the buyer or user. Whether it is expensive or cheap is not define solely by its price.
In the industry, I’ve met many people, served too many couples to notice this phenomenon, of couples scrimping on their wedding. Well it is understandable if the couple’s financial status is unstable, but it is sad to see couples who are earning high figures, drive luxury cars, carrying different branded bags each time they come and then start bargaining as if they can’t afford a wedding gown that cost lesser than their Chanels! They are people whom I call CHEAPSKATE!
There are also the other group, maybe not as rich as the first kind, they could very well afford to have a nice wedding, but they want to find cheaper stuff, so they can save a few dollars here and there. They are not wrong either, they are plainly practicing the good virtue of saving. However, my point is, there are times that you will need to stop saving to spend. Just some food for thoughts, how many weddings do you intend to have? If your answer is two or more, well, go ahead and save, and perhaps you should get the cheapest gowns, cheapest photographers anyway you’ll always have another chance to wear something pretty the next time. But if your answer is ONE, then, wouldn’t you wish for the best for that one wedding? And this group of people, I call them the BLIND CHEAPSKATES, because they blind to value, they can’t differentiate the values of things.
In my opinion, one should spend wisely, and they should discern when they should spend and when they should save. If you have long distance guests coming for a visit, you would put them up in the nicest place, arrange the best itinerary for them, treat them to the best dinner according to your means, because you respect and value their friendship, you want them to feel welcome, you want them to enjoy. No one on earth will indulge in good food and wine, and treat their guest to a umble pie. The same for weddings, no one wants an inferior wedding (CHEAP FEST) of a lifetime.
The Wedding Costumes of a Central Asian couple, filled with gold embroidery. Much more decadent than their everyday costumes.
South Indian bride, don on their most expensive Sari and their most elaborate jewelleries.
Our Chinese Ancestors, knows that a wedding is special, they wore silk garments and intricate headgear adorned with precious stones.
Notice the colourful flowers on the headgears of these African bridesmaid?
Even the tribal people know that they have to dress in their best outfits for special occasions.
To be cheapskate or not, you decide….


We are featured in a bespoke story in the Honeycombers, a website featuring the finest things in Singapore! Check  out “Made For Me” at !!!!

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The Wedding of my Century

Every girl has a dream wedding, they will think about every single detail, from the gowns to the colour of flower and ribbons. Mine was always something different, I used to tell my friends how I want my wedding to be….eons ago, before I became a designer at a bridal boutique, I wanted a wedding on a golf course, under the vast sky on a star studded night, it has to be breezy with unblocked view, each table will be decorated with fresh red roses from Holland in Swarovski crystal vases, and there are sprinkles of Swarovski crystals around the each centerpiece and the place is lit up by candles, how romantic is that… and I still remember very clearly that I wanted a “Mid Summer’s Night Dream” theme (I was still very inspired by my final year project in school). I wanted my gown to be super floaty with layers and layers of silk chiffon, and during my march in, the layers of silk chiffon will be flying gently with the breeze. My friends then asked me, “Then what will your groom wear?” and I will suddenly stop dreaming, because in my dream wedding, there was always no groom, but myself! I will then reply, “He will wear nothing! Because I haven’t thought of what he should wear!”

When I was a bridal gown designer, every client’s wedding felt very personal to me, and I felt the joy from the moment they first stepped into the boutique till the day they returned their gowns after their wedding ceremony. They often shared their stories, the beginning of their courtship to their future dreams, and truly I was so envious and was eagerly waiting for my turn to come!

At last, after 4 years and almost 4months later, Mr Tay proposed to me, in a very romantic way, with a custom made ring, the way I liked it to be (strictly no solitaire, it’s too common for my liking), no flowers (it’s too cliche, and I will definitely scold him if he wasted his $ on flowers) he got pastel pink and grey helium balloons instead. Tea lights lit the way into the bridal boutique I used to work in, a story revolving a boy and a girl printed on cardboards on the carpeted floor (Taylor Swift’s Love Story playing at the background) and finally, he appeared from the fitting room with the balloons and knelt down on one knee and popped the question! And I said the magic word “YES”. At that instant, I was transformed into the happiest girl in the world, everytime I looked at the ring, a smile will appear on my face, it’s uncontrollable.

The ring that made me smile=)

Back at my place (please pardon my messy room)

It took us 6 months to plan and prepare our wedding, I refuse to plan anything before the proposal because I think it’s more romantic to only plan for the wedding after the proposal, so there was no way he could have exchanged the proposal to a “shall we get a flat” kinda bleah typical Singaporean style of asking for a girl’s hand. (I had a strange mentality that a guy mustn’t expect the girl to accept his proposal, and if the guy still propose to her even though he knew there was a chance she would say no, it’s very romantic). Well it was a breeze at the beginning, we selected the date, booked the church, hired the photographer, Eulee, and videographer, Damon Low, shortlisted the venues. The road block came when I was supposed to design my gown! Can you believe that I kinda ran out of ideas for my own gown?! Every wedding gown I used to design was a wedding gown I loved and each gown was beautiful and unique, and I do not want to repeat a look for my own wedding gown! Finally thank God, I was inspired and my gowns were made, so were my bridesmaids’, mum’s, mother-in-law’s, grandma’s, father’s, brothers’, groomsmen’s and the groom’s! Yeah I designed all their outfits =) no wonder I was so stressed out…

The self declared “Wedding of the Year Century” goes…

On the eve of my wedding, my bridesmaid and I were still arranging the seating arrangement for the dinner party. We slept at 4am, and I sleep like a baby.

My fuchsia pink satin heels for my wedding

And the boys were at work…the helpers were busy setting up and making sure everything was ready at church!

Pews decorated with Matthiolas

Our Reception table

And Mr Tay was starting to panic, coz his bride was late for their wedding…so he started calling her…

I love this shot by Fai Ming

I was late for my own wedding…hehe

I heart the Pillbox hat and veil made by myself =)

My white peonies bouquet made by Justin from Fluerlicious

I didn’t want a typical wedding, so no gate crashing for me. My friends were disappointed, they were waiting so long to take revenge as I was always the mastermind behind all the mean sabotaging of their grooms, well too bad for them. We had planned to meet in the church, and Mr Tay see me in my wedding gown for the very first time there in the sanctuary as I march in with my father. On the way, I was still not feeling anything… until…

My Papa and Mommy veiling me in Church

I wrapped my arms around my dad’s and Mr Tay played the guitar and sang “The Blower’s Daughter” for the march-in, it was perfect, he didn’t screw it up like in my nightmare nights before the wedding, my bridesmaids looked so beautiful and everything was perfect, the flowers on the pews were exactly what I’ve wanted, white Matthiola with their green stalks tied with ivory ribbons.

Ian was there singing for me….

A mother and son moment for Mr Tay

The Groomsmen

We recited the vow, the vow that bind us together, as husband and wife…

The kiss that everyone was waiting for. Mr Tay purposely posed for a long time, so the photographers could capture

When I gave my thank-you speech, my tears gushed down my cheek and before I knew it, my face and lips swelled up (yes I know, I looked awfully ugly) =p

The new Mr and Mrs Tay!!!

The Strings ensemble led by Mr Ong played “The Arrival of Queen Sheba” for our recession as we march out and march in again

The back detailed shot of my wedding gown, with the train bustled up. (caterers clearing the buffet spread behind)

Our Dinner Party @ Verve

Time zoomed past, and before we knew it, we had to be at Verve for the part 2 of our wedding, the Wedding Party in 50’s Chic! It’s an informal wedding dinner for our friends! Too bad the air-con broke down, otherwise everything will be perfect! But we did enjoy ourselves, we mingled with our guests, we had Bevlyn to sing for us (well, she was AWESOME), we had our first dance as man and wife and we had FUN!

Our guest typed their well wishes on the vintage typewriter!

Our wedding cake designed by me, sponsored and made by celebrity pastry chef Pang from Canele

Bevlyn Khoo from A Little Dream is really awesome!

We danced to “At Last”

Our Chinese Banquet

The next night, we held our traditional Chinese Banquet for our relatives and family friends at Si Chuan Dou Hua at UOB Plaza’s 60th floor. Man! the view was spectacular and the food was DELICIOUS! We swapped the chicken dish to PEKING DUCK!!! YUMMY!!! This time we went for a very traditional kinda banquet, we went to each table to toast in YAM SENG style! It was the most enjoyable wedding dinner as we can see our guests enjoying the food and the laughter they had!

In my short embroided cheongsam for tea ceremony

Our March-in

This Shi Fu kick started the dinner=)

Our Mouth watering Peking Duck

The cousins and some aunties and uncles=)

My Aunt is too happy and so was I!!!

And this is our perfect Wedding=)

*p/s: In case you are wondering who did my make-up and hair, it’s Jyue Huey from The Make Up Room!

YAY!! I’m gonna have a REAL, BEAUTIFUL wedding Cake that is also Yummy!

The best news today: Chef Pang (Executive Pastry Chef of Canele) is baking my Wedding Cake!!!

I’m not any celebrity or anyone famous, so naturally I’m ecstatic when I heard the news from Vickie (Chef Pang’s wife)! Originally it was meant to be a surprise for me… Vickie and Pang secretly told Ian about it and asked him to find out how my gown looked like, so Chef Pang can design a cake with a similar touch. His cakes are really fabulous and delicious to the max!! You should see the cake he made for his wedding, it was the most extravagant cake I’ve ever seen in my entire life. It was multi-tiered as tall as I am, creamy white with elegant black lace applique around each tier. The unique part was a cherubim holding the upper part of the cake! Some pictures from their wedding :

Anyway since I’ve asked her about the cake, haha, she finally revealed the secret to me… =) It was so sweeeet and I was soooooo touched!!! I love Canele’s cakes especially their chocolate ones, since Canele is specialised in Chocolates, their chocolate cakes are real stuff! Not the diluted kind that doesn’t taste of cocoa, every mouth of Canele’s chocolate cake is so rich that it’s orgasmic… Ian almost cried when he ate his first Canele cake… haha…not kidding. You’ll have to try Le Royale (My Fav), Jupiter (Ingenious design), Macha (mouth-watering and always sold out).

Le Royale



Pictures from :

More information on Canele click >

Was looking for some inspirations from Martha Stewart, and found some really charming cakes especially those inspired by fabrics.

Embroidered Lace and Appliqued Wedding Cake

Ikat and French Silk Ribbon Wedding Cake

Vintage Graphic Floral Cotton Wedding Cake

Eyelet Wedding Cake

Matelasse Wedding Cake

A Trio of Freesia

These are some of my top picks from Martha Stewart, honestly, I haven’t seen any cakes that are of equivalent standard other than those from Canele, seriously can’t wait for my design session for the cake with Pang, and excited to see the actual cake!  I bet it’s gonna look so good that I won’t bear to eat it 😛