Good Morning Mel!!!

So now that I made it a point to wake up earlier, I still seriously not know what to do… I am so bored… seriously I’m thinking that this resolution is the most retarded one amongst my list. It’s only day 5 of the New Year and I am thinking of giving up??? Anyhow, since I’m already awake, I thought I might as well just post some youtube vids my sissy shared with me (totally random) to kickstart the day!

My Favourite Song right now!!!!! I can play it on loop…


These guys are just so spontaneous and I love it! How can you not love SPAM after watching this?

Another one from my favourite youtube star, Victor Kim…. Simply the most awesome and haunting version of Adele’s “Someone Like You”.

I’m mesmerized….sold…weak in my knees….

The last one is super hilarious! You have to give it to the Japanese when it comes to pranking, maybe they should do a ladies version…hahaha

Hope you have had a good laugh!!!


Say What?! It’s 2012!

New year, New resolutions? I’m just so glad 2011 was officially history, man… I wanted it to be over so bad.

Anyway despite entering this 2012 really drunk, I have a feeling that this is still gonna be a kickass year ahead for me. My friends have been asking me to set some new year’s resolutions, and I told them it wasn’t my thing, becoz I just do things in a wimp, so I simply don’t follow plans very well, and my time thinking of what I SHOULD do is wasted, I could catch a few more minutes or hours enjoying myself in lala land.
But anyhow, it’s true that there are things in my life that happen to be not so glorious and perfect, so a change in lifestyle is what I pretty want to make, so I thought, perhaps I’ll just blog about it, so someone might remind me along the way.
(Disclaimer: They are NOT in order)
1. Wake up earlier = sleep earlier
2. This girl needs to workout! So I am seeking some activities (some calls them sports)
3. Spiritual growth after a long spiritual dryness, this New Year’s message at NCC has sparked a small flame in me.
4. Run my business well, don’t get distracted, I’ve got 2 years left to make this work for my NYC dream.
5. Get inspired!
Ahhhh and I think that’s about it! I’m going to practice my resolution #1 by lifting myself out of bed after typing this post entirely from my BB QWERTY, oh…how I love it, I think it would have taken me till 2013 to finish this on an Iphone. Okay I am corny….. So with this, Bonne année!

If only there’s a RESET button

I need to take charge of my life. My own life that is, and not anyone else’s.

This seemed like a self-centered post, but to me, it seemed that I don’t know who am I anymore, for a long long time, I don’t have my life, it always revolves around someone. If only I can push the “reset” button, I would do it without second thoughts.

Words told me that I should put others first, but life taught me otherwise. I mean, in my heart and mind I know to be righteous, one should help others, should always consider others’ thoughts and needs before oneself and not expecting any return, and that was the mantra I followed. However, I’ve reached a point in life which I believed is the pit, and only by standing at the standstill, I felt self-pity and helplessness. I was there trying to create opportunities for my friends, I would buy something in support of my friends even if I means I have only a penny left in my wallet or bank, I would absorb losses if I can help a person save some money, I would think of how a person feel before I care of how I feel… when is enough? Until I am stripped dry and till I collapse?

I don’t know how the future’s gonna be, for now I only know that I need to take care of myself from now onwards, and I need to put myself first, if I can’t survive, how I can help others? I need to be self sufficient first to be selfless… and perhaps step down and realise my capacity may not be as big as I thought.



Women in red lips = powerful, sexy, bold = in control

I love women in red lipsticks! They make women look feisty, yet feminine, bold and elegant and only to those who are confident enough to try, are able to pull it off. There are so many “rule of thumb” as to who and how to wear a red lipstick, if you are too cautious, chances are you are never gonna go red.

Anyhow, I’ve always been a fan of red lips, but I have not found the perfect shade that matches my skin tone as well as the kind of really matt yet not dry looking kind of lipstick till last Sunday. I am really fussy when it comes to my preferences for lipsticks, I don’t like them glossy or shimmery because I have oily skin, and having glossy lips to me enhances the already shiny face, I don’t like to feel anything on my lips, sometimes even lip balm feels too heavy, I hate those kind of lipsticks that bleed, even when you have a liner on, and I am too lazy to apply lip liner prior… see I told you I am fussy.

So this amazing thing that I found is the Cream Lip Stain from Sephora, it’s Sephora’s house brand. I was window shopping with my mother-in-law after our Sunday church service, and she wanted to find a lipstick that doesn’t come off when she’s having her meals, the salesgirl then introduced the lip stain. Well to make sure it worked, she applied it followed by a lip gloss and told the salesgirl that she’ll be back if the colour stayed on her lips after lunch. You’ve guessed right, we went back and bought 2 colours each as we can’t decide which is nicer. I’ve got the magenta and bright pinkish red.

The results were amazing for me! I was so impressed that I had to write about it. It lasted over 8 hours without any retouching, yet it’s easily removable by my oil based make up remover! I remembered when I was flying, we had to have red lips, and I had such difficult time at retouching it after each meal and removing it was a chaos… now with this new cream lip stain, I can have sultry lips everyday! *LOL* Did I mention that I feels super light? It felt like I wasn’t wearing any lipstick, my lips felt naked…the way I like them to feel, and doesn’t bleed a all!

The RED 


Ma thick lips = more to colour  (please pardon my attempt to look cool which ended up like a “kiam pa” face)

Taken mid afternoon, during a test shoot with my photographer friend Karyin Ow

At night after a long day!

Tips: After applying, do wait for it to dry completely before you drink or eat anything. For ultimate results, forget about the lip gloss (lip glosses are usually oil based, so the lip stains will come off more easily) anyway matt is beautiful! 🙂


“Blogshops murder designs and rob the opportunities for women to experience good quality and REAL clothing.” You can quote me for saying that.

I know a good stuff when I see one!

Now here’s one…

Cheapskate OR not !

Definition from the dictionary: Noun1.cheapskate – a miserly person

miser – a stingy hoarder of money and possessions (often living miserably)
Singaporeans are cheapskate by nature, and by that, I am saying that they are misers who can well afford yet stinge on things that are of value. I think many Singaporeans have a misconception of value, and therefore, they tend to scrimp and save on the wrong things, also spending on the wrong things as well.
Most Singaporeans owns at the very least a branded bag (LV, Gucci, Chanel), that’s not wrong, they are just pampering themselves with a luxury item, for some, it might just be something from their regular retail therapy, to some, it’s a present to mark a special occasion. So the intrinsic value of such product is defined by the meaning it brings to the consumer, in simpler terms, an item is worth it’s price if it is meaningful to the person who bought it, and it will be “expensive” no matter how cheap it cost, if it is not purposeful to the buyer or user. Whether it is expensive or cheap is not define solely by its price.
In the industry, I’ve met many people, served too many couples to notice this phenomenon, of couples scrimping on their wedding. Well it is understandable if the couple’s financial status is unstable, but it is sad to see couples who are earning high figures, drive luxury cars, carrying different branded bags each time they come and then start bargaining as if they can’t afford a wedding gown that cost lesser than their Chanels! They are people whom I call CHEAPSKATE!
There are also the other group, maybe not as rich as the first kind, they could very well afford to have a nice wedding, but they want to find cheaper stuff, so they can save a few dollars here and there. They are not wrong either, they are plainly practicing the good virtue of saving. However, my point is, there are times that you will need to stop saving to spend. Just some food for thoughts, how many weddings do you intend to have? If your answer is two or more, well, go ahead and save, and perhaps you should get the cheapest gowns, cheapest photographers anyway you’ll always have another chance to wear something pretty the next time. But if your answer is ONE, then, wouldn’t you wish for the best for that one wedding? And this group of people, I call them the BLIND CHEAPSKATES, because they blind to value, they can’t differentiate the values of things.
In my opinion, one should spend wisely, and they should discern when they should spend and when they should save. If you have long distance guests coming for a visit, you would put them up in the nicest place, arrange the best itinerary for them, treat them to the best dinner according to your means, because you respect and value their friendship, you want them to feel welcome, you want them to enjoy. No one on earth will indulge in good food and wine, and treat their guest to a umble pie. The same for weddings, no one wants an inferior wedding (CHEAP FEST) of a lifetime.
The Wedding Costumes of a Central Asian couple, filled with gold embroidery. Much more decadent than their everyday costumes.
South Indian bride, don on their most expensive Sari and their most elaborate jewelleries.
Our Chinese Ancestors, knows that a wedding is special, they wore silk garments and intricate headgear adorned with precious stones.
Notice the colourful flowers on the headgears of these African bridesmaid?
Even the tribal people know that they have to dress in their best outfits for special occasions.
To be cheapskate or not, you decide….